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Easy Soup Recipes

I am a soup lover and I spend a good deal of my time looking for and following easy soup recipes, soups are very versatile and can be made using many different ingredients.

They can be eaten at different mealtime occasions thinner broths such as Consommes make perfect starters or healthy snacks, while more hearty soups using meat, fish or vegetables as their main ingredient can be a meal in themselves.

Also some soups can be served cold which is great on hot summer days, these are light and refreshing.
There are traditional favorites such as French Vichyssoise, Spanish Gazpacho and the more unusual ones such as Iced Melon Soup and other Fruit Soups.

You will find so many varieties of Soup all over the world, using so many different lovely ingredients,some classics are Italian Minestrone, Thai Chicken Noodle Soup, Avgolemono which is a Greek Lemon Soup.

Soups are quick and easy to make, most soups start with a base of onion, celery or leek,a good quality stock and herbs or spices.

You need very little in the way of specialized equipment when it comes to making soups, although will find having a food processor or blender a must at it will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to making a puree before serving your soup.

If you don’t have a blender you could use a sieve/strainer, but it will just take you a little longer.
To cook your soup on the stove you will need a heavy based saucepan deep enough to contain the amount of liquid required.

I also like to cook my soups in a Crock Pot, you will still need to fry off your ingredients on the stove first but this is a great way of cooking soup if you have a busy day and want to come home to a ready made broth.
Homemade Soup is very healthy and is a great way to get your kids to eat plenty of vegetables without often realizing.

There is usually very little fat and a minimum amount of salt which is why so many people look to have soup when they are on a diet.
Soup is so convenient for families to have at anytime during the week, it is ideal fresh but can also be frozen and quickly defrosted when required.
Soup can also be portable and used instead of sandwiches or salads in lunchboxes as you could send your kids to school with a thermos.

As I said at the beginning of this page I am a Soup Lover and I want to share my easy soup recipes with you.
I would also like you to share you Soup Recipes with other Get you Kids Cooking Visitors, so please feel free to fill in the form below.

Hamburger Soup Recipe
A warm up lifting winter soup.

Beef and Barley Soup
A Traditional Irish Farmhouse Recipe.

Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
A Healthy soup recipe rich in flavor and color.

Egg Drop Soup Recipe
A simple Healthy Chinese Soup Recipe, also known as Egg Flower Soup.

Cauliflower Soup Recipe
This creamy comforting soup is perfect for a quick lunch on a cold winter’s day.

Mushroom Soup
A Quick and Easy Mushroom Soup Recipe.

Black Bean Soup Recipe
A healthy Black Eyed Bean and Tomato Soup.

Pork Chilli Soup
When it comes to Easy Soup Recipes this pork chilli soup is a gem, it is quick to make full of flavor and very healthy.

Lentil Soup
A very Healthy filling soup the kids will love it.

Asparagus Soup Recipe
A very easy soup recipe and great for lunch or a light supper.

Share your Soup Recipes
If you have a delicious Soup Recipe please share it with other Get Your Kids Cooking visitors. Tell us why you love this recipe, share a picture with us if you have one.

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