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Silicone Pot Holders

Whenever I am cooking I always use Silicone Pot Holders, not only do they protect my hands when I pick up hot pans, some of mine protect my surfaces too, as they open out and can be used to place my hot saucepans, baking sheets and pots on.

Some silicone pot holders are made so you can put your hand inside like you would with an oven mitt, and some are like cloths, which can be folded to help lift cooking pans from the stove and these can also be laid on your worktop to place the hot dish on.

Kids love the silicone pot holders as they are brightly colored and some are in the shape of animal heads, which ever you are looking for you will a pot holder that will suit your kitchen style.

I have put together some Silicone Pot Holders that you may wish to buy for your kitchen or give as gift to someone who loves to cook.

MIU Silicone Pot Holders, Set of Two, Blue

Can be use as jar opener, spoon rest or trivet, High heat resistance food grade silicone.Dishwasher safe, Lifetime warranty.

Deluxe Orka Silicone Kitchen Pot Holder

Strong, yet very flexible for ease of use, Non-slip grip Waterproof, as well as being Heat Resistant,Fits right or left hand.Non – staining – doesn’t blacken.

Le Creuset Silicone Round Cool Tool.

A handy tool for any busy kitchen, this Silicone Cool Tool by Le Creuset comes in a flexible round shape, measuring 8 by 8 by 1/5-Inch-the perfect size for use as a surface protector for tabletops, a potholder when handling hot cookware, an anti-skid mat for mixing bowls and cutting boards, or even as a gripper for hard-to-open jars.

OXO Good Grips Oven Mitt with Magnet.

The OXO GOOD GRIPS Oven Mitt is the best of both worlds: 600°F heat resistant silicone on the outside and cool, comfortable fabric on the inside. Protect your hands from heat, spills and burns with non-flammable, stain and steam resistant silicone

Fred Hot Heads Insulating Mitt, Dog

Their mega mouths will protect you from burns and put a smile on your face while they’re at it! HOT HEADS are flexible, grippy, strong, safe…and charming.

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