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Kitchen Safety

Kitchen Rules, O.K.!

Kitchen Safety is very important and you must learn the Kitchen Rules

Before you start to cook:-
Wash you hands- Scrub them clean so that no germs are around to get on to the food. Wash them after you handle food as well.
Tie back long hair- There is nothing worse than finding a hair in the soup! You could always get yourself a kids chef hat. Tuck up long sleeves as they can waft into the food or worse still catch fire when near the cooker.
Put on a clean apron- it’s easier to wash than clothes if it gets dirty, and more hygienic.

While Cooking :-
Never touch Gas Flames or Electric Elements. Never touch any electric equipment with wet hands.

Always use oven gloves, or a thick cloth to take hot dishes from the oven.
Turn saucepan handles in so that they don’t stick out over the edge of the cooker, or else they could easily be knocked over. Hold the handle if you are stirring the contents of the pan.

Never leave a frying pan unattended.
Mop up anything that spills on the floor as soon as it happens as you may have a serious accident.

Tidy up as you go along, for instance, if you are waiting for something to cook before adding the next ingredient, use the time to tidy the kitchen- it saves having to do it all at the end.

After Cooking:-
Make certain all the gas or electricity is turned off.
Wash and dry all the utensils used and put them away. Put away all the packets of food. Clean all the surfaces. Leave the kitchen tidy.

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