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Chicken Recipes

There are countless chicken recipes, using different cooking methods such as Grilling, Roasting, Baking and stir frying to name a few.

Chicken is a popular meat with children and adults alike. It is versatile and economical and can be cooked with a wide variety of ingredients and flavors.

When you are cooking with this meat you will find that there is little wastage, it is quick to cook and also low in fat which is ideal when your cooking for children.

Poultry can be bought in many forms: Whole, quartered or cut into joints such as thighs, drumsticks, breasts and wings, with or without the bones and skin, which makes preparation very easy.

Ground or Minced Chicken can be bought from your butcher, but it is just as easy to by the meat yourself remove the skin and place it in a food processor.

Buying a whole bird and portioning it yourself works out much cheaper than buying the pre-packed portions. When it comes to choosing and preparing your chicken, the more naturally a bird is raised the better it will taste.

There are many types of bird available, Free-Range, Corn-fed (yellow flesh as they have been fed corn)Some have added herbs and flavorings, others are self-basting with either butter or olive oil injected into the flesh this will help to keep the flesh succulent during cooking.

All of the recipes can be adapted to your families requirements, you will find soups, salads, pies as well as one pot meals, bbq recipes and hot and spicy dishes to provide you will a dish for every occasion.

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