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Kids Cooking Classes are a fantastic way to get your kids interested and engaged with cooking.

By enrolling your child in a Kids Cooking School will enable them to learn the basics in a structured and fun environment. They will also benefit from learning to cook alongside other children.
Here are a few tips for finding a Cooking Class in your area:-

  • Check with your Local Authority, healthy eating is a big Government priority and they are spending money to teach kids about healthy cooking, and the great thing is the classes are usually free.
  • Lots of large brand name grocery stores are running Kids Cooking Camps during the school vacations.
  • Look for adult cooking schools as many of these also offer courses designed for children as well
  • There are a number of specialist companies and franchises that run Kids Cooking Schools. Many of these also offer to run classes in your home for groups of children and will organize a Kids cooking party for you.
    You’ll find a lot of organizations and companies you can contact in the free directory below.

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The Kids Cookery School London 
KCS exists to give children and young people the skills and knowledge needed to make healthy food choices for themselves; KCS empowers children and young …
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If you are looking to improve your cooking abilities—from simply wanting to learn how to properly cook a steak to gaining full-on professional kitchen …
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UmNumNum is a a boutique cookery school based in Ballincollig, Cork in Ireland with the aim of helping people to enjoy cooking. We help you to produce …
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We run cookery classes and workshops for both adults and children in a number of locations around the British Isles. Each cookery session is lead by …
Kids Cooking Lessons New York Not rated yet
Kids Cooking Lessons NYC As a mom and wife of a restaurateur, there are two things I know – we love our son and food, so my husband and I have combined …
Cooking Classes for Kids Not rated yet
Young Chefs® Academy is a unique culinary experience which offers cooking classes for kids in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity. …
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