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Many people may be scared of hosting a kids cooking party, I think it is a great idea and so different to the normal birthday parties that many of the kids will go to.

You can still play games have the usual balloons, hats, party poppers etc.
But how exciting for the kids instead of going to the local pizza or burger restaurant (which can cost you a fortune),they get to pretend they are there not only do the kids get to eat their favorite foods but they cook it too.

To make it a Themed Party you could choose some of the children to play at being the waiters/ess in the pretend restaurant and take the orders from the other children.Give them a pen and notepad to write on, a little apron to wear or maybe even a hat.

If your child is lucky enough to have a birthday in the summer and you have a sunny day you could take the event outside this will at least help with the mess in the garden, have a BBQ theme but of course you will still have to do the cooking.

There are many different Kids Party Ideas and I think when you get the kids involved cooking you will come up with so many more.

There will be a lot of planning needed when you are hosting a childrens cooking party, but as your little ones are always on your mind, and I know from experience as soon as one Birthday Party is over you are thinking about the next one, that you’ll have plenty of time time to come up with some great ideas.

Kids Cooking Party Favors, Gifts and Games

One Dozen (12) Chef Rubber Ducks
This set of 12 rubber duckys are just adorable, and come in four designs. Each ducky measures approx. 2″ x 2″ x 2-1/2″H. They do not squeak but do have a hole in their beak for squirting water. They do not float upright. These make great little party favors or gifts for your favorite cook.

12 Pc Desert Sundae Lipgloss Party Favors Assortment
A delicious looking assortment of dessert ice cream sundae lip glosses! Great for a variety of party themes or just for fun! Throw these in the goody bags at a Birthday party.

Melissa & Doug Pizza Party
The Pizza Party comes with 54 disk-shaped pizza toppings — three of each kind — which is enough to create an all-pepperoni, all-peppers, or all-mushroom pizza, as well as make up whatever combination your child chooses.

Snooze-A-Palooza: More Than 100 Slumber Party Ideas (American Girl Library)
This book has eight different slumber party planners with tons of different games that you can play and different ideas of theme-parties that you can have! They even have a shopping list for each theme-party at the back of the book!

12 Pack Bright Rainbow Children’s Artists Aprons and Fabric Markers
Dozen assorted rainbow color arts and crafts aprons.Aprons measure approx. 13″ x 19″. Ties around waist and neck Ideal for arts, crafts, school, play, cooking.Aprons can be embellished or decorated – includes 4 fabric paint markers!

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