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How to Mince and Crush Garlic

Mincing and Crushing Garlic into a paste, releases more flavor from the Garlic. This is an good knife skill to learn when you want to really intensify the Garlic Flavor.

Minced Garlic is simply Garlic that is cut very small.

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To do this cut as would an onion, then use the pivot technique to chop it even further.

To crush Garlic add a bit of salt to the minced Garlic. The Salt acts as an abrasive and also helps to soak up the juices from the Garlic.

Chop the Garlic until very fine, then gather it together and lay your knife almost flat. use the side of the blade to apply pressure, while pulling the knife backwards.

Use the back of your knife to push the Garlic together and repeat the same process until you reach the desired consistency.

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