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Cooking Games are so advanced these days, things have moved on from when I was a child, my sister and I would play with the pots and pans that our mom gave us from her kitchen cupboard.

We even had a pretend kitchen, with plastic food, empty packets that mom had finished with, dried pasta and even play dough that we’d make into cakes for mom to eat (of course she never could but always played along).

These games have become more technical due to computers, the internet and game consoles.

You can still purchase plastic food and pretend kitchens which in themselves have moved on since the 70s and 80s, you can now get toasters, microwaves and blenders to add to them.

There are even toys on the market now that can help the children bake and decorate foods.

There are many online games that are Free and are also safe for kids to play, the ones that are available offline can be very educational and help children as young as toddlers learn and get excited about food, these activities are also good as you can play them together as a family around the table.

A great way to spend some quality time together. Which ever you choose you will find
games for your kids.

Lunch Box Games – Cookin’ Cookies Game
Use your Cookie Smackin’ Spoon with a suction cup to grab the ingredients you’ll need to make your cookies. Recipe Cards list the ingredients needed for Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter Cookies. Collect sugar, flour, butter, eggs,& your cookie flavoring to win the game.

Small World Living Toys Young Chef Cookware Set
A great set of pretend cookware for kids, made of lightweight, easy-to-clean plastic in vivid colors. The 11-piece set includes a large stockpot with lid, small stockpot with lid, frying pan with lid large spoon, knife, skimmer, spatula and ladle.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Cooking Club
A fun new Dora the Explorer gameplay experience perfect for both pre-school age girls and boys. Prepare favorite foods such as enchiladas, pizza, yogurt and berry fruit fiestas and more Chop, measure, stir and sprinkle in over 30 cooking games.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box
This set contains eight pieces of wooden food, a cutting board and a wooden knife. Food makes a fun “CRUNCH” sound when sliced. With 31 pieces, it’s also a great way to introduce the concepts of part, whole and fractions. This super-sized set enables kids to cut their food just like mom or dad.

Pretend and Play Camp Set
Set up your campsite anywhere with this 9-piece set. Includes unique battery-powered lantern and stove, water bottle, working compass watch, cup, pan, shovel, first aid kit and utensil set.

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