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Kids Seasonal Cooking Activities

Kids Seasonal cooking activities is not only a great way for you to spend time with your children making memories, it is a great way for you to teach your kids or even learn together what ingredients are best in which season.

When you are cooking you need to use the freshest possible ingredients, as when foods are in season they are not only better for you but they taste better are cheaper and plentiful.

When you are teaching your child for the first time about cooking and the seasons it is best to pick a simple recipe to start with, a great example would be Apples, maybe make an apple pie and when they are in season find your local supplier or Orchard and take your child along to pick your own, this will be a lovely day out and you’ll be educating your kids as well as getting your fresh produce and baking the apple pie.

As well as seasonal cooking from your own country, you may want to teach your children about foods from other countries, maybe their learning about a certain country in geography, for you to allow them to cook foods from that country as a treat (maybe at the end of their hard study session), will benefit your child in many ways, they’ll learn to cook as well as have an understanding of what foods are available in different countries.

This could be something that you continue to do after they have finished their studies too as a family, maybe have a themed dinner once a week using seasonal produce from another country.

Kids Seasonal Cooking Activities can give you different cooking experiences throughout the year, Holidays are great and kids love nothing more than baking for Christmas, making Chocolate Eggs for Easter, Scary Treats For Halloween, and even helping out with the Thanks Giving Dinner.

Why should we teach our Kids Seasonal Cooking Activities…

There a number of reasons to eat local, seasonal foods
1.To reduce the energy (and associated Co2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the foods we eat.
2.To avoid paying too much for food that has traveled a long way.
3.To support your local economy.
4.To reconnect with nature’s cycles.

The majority of us live in urban areas and many of our children aren’t aware of when and where various foods are produced. The thing is we take them shopping with us and the shelves in our local stores are full of produce and look the same week on week, Strawberries are available all year round!! because they are flown in from around the world..

(Do your Kids know that?)This why you need to be doing these kids seasonal cooking activities.

Seasonal food is fresher and tastier and is more nutritious, so why do we feed ourselves and our kids foods that have traveled thousands of miles to get to our stores.

A great way to give your children an understanding of seasonal fruits and vegetables would to be if possible get some seeds and plant your own this can be done in the smallest of gardens you don’t even need one at all just a window box and pot on a patio will do (I used an old Bbq to grow some herbs in it looks great in the garden),

Growing herbs on your kitchen window sill is a fun thing to do and kids love it, use old bean cans if you don’t have any pots and you can paint them too, put a smiley face on the can and watch the hair grow….

Winter Cooking with Kids

As the days get shorter, the nights longer as it gets dark early, the weather turns cold, wet and even snowy, you’ll find that you will have to keep the kids indoors and find activities for them to do other than playing computer games and watching T.V.

And Winter Cooking With Kids is a great activity that you and your kids can enjoy together, whether you are baking cookies, mince pies, Christmas cakes ready for the holidays or just enjoying yourselves cooking warm winter soups and stews for the family dinner.

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