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Kids Cooking Recipes

These Kids Cooking Recipes are tried and tested, not just by my children and myself but by other family members, friends and visitors of this website.

Children always want to have fun and by finding kid friendly recipes that they can cook with you, will not only allow you to spend some quality time together. But you may find that it will also get them excited about the food they eat.

Many of my friends have found that by getting their kids cooking they have become less fussy about what they eat.

They are also cooking and eating healthier foods, yes they are baking cakes, cookies, pizzas and pasta, but because they are cooking these from scratch, there are no extra hidden ingredients or chemicals in the foods.

Kids Recipes have no age limit on them you can decide on your own childs abilities, if all they can do it stir ingredients in a bowl or peel vegetables, roll out the dough, cut out shapes for the cookies then that is great at least they are with you taking part in a great cooking activity.

Eventually they will be able to follow the whole recipe themselves and just be supervised by you.

Below you will find a list of kids recipes that myself and my friends have collected over the years, we hope you enjoy cooking with your kids and share some of your family favorite recipes with us.

Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Breakfast Cereal Bars
An Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipe for Kids to make.

Muesli Breakfast Recipe
Muesli one of the best Healthy Breakfast Recipes for kids to enjoy.

Pink Porridge
Brighten up your morning with this Healthy Breakfast.

Easy Lunch Recipes For Kids

Ham Omelette
A Light Healthy Lunch Recipe for kids to cook.

CousCous Salad
A quick and easy kids lunch recipe.

Best Potato Soup Recipe
This Simple Leek and Potato is a really healthy Kids Lunch Recipe.

Pasta Carbonara
This Pasta Carbonara Recipe is a great quick and easy recipe ready in 10 minutes.

Dessert Recipes For Kids

White Chocolate Brownies
Quick and easy Chocolate Brownies great for kids dessert recipes.

Rainbow Fairy Cakes
These brightly colored cupcakes are fun recipes for kids to make for dessert.

Fruit Recipes For Kids

Banana Loaf
This is a great way to get your kids eating those ripe Bananas they wont normally eat.

Summer Berry Smoothie
This is one of the easiest Fruit Smoothie Recipes my kids love to make.

Have Any Great Recipes for Cooking with Kids?
Do you have a great recipe? Please Share it!

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