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Healthy Kids Recipes

Healthy Kids Recipes here you will find quick easy recipes for healthy children big or small, that you can cook with them or for them.From breakfast,mid morning snacks,lunchbox ideas and evening meals.


A good start to the day !!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially for children. Even when we are asleep our bodies continue to burn calories. And as children sleep for longer periods of time their blood sugar levels are low when they awake.

Breakfasts consisting of Wholewheat cereals, oats, fruit and wholemeal bread will ensure your child has a steady supply of energy throughout the morning.

Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Bars These Bars make a great snack anytime of the day.

Muesli Breakfast’s don’t come more nutrient packed than this.

Pink Porridge Oats are an excellent source of Slow releasing sugars, fiber,zinc, iron and B vitamins.

Ham Omelette Eggs are natures fast food One egg can provide up to 20% of a childs daily protein requirement.


Summer Berry Breakfast Smoothies can be a way encouraging otherwise reluctant kids to eat breakfast.

Get up ‘n’ Go Smoothie A great start to the day and a good way to increase your fruit intake.


Lunch doesn’t have to be the same boring things every day. Explain to your kids that they don’t have to eat the same foods as everyone else, they can make themselves a special lunch,using our Healthy Kids Recipes.

Make sure that you have a main dish, fruit or vegetable and then something sweet.

Try to make every day different sit down and even plan a weekly lunch box menu,the kids love to see what they are having the next day and this will help with the weekly shop too.

Sandwiches can be made using lots of different types of breads, rolls, sliced white or brown, Tortilla Wraps, Pitta Breads. Filled with your favourite filling, tuna mayo, cooked meats, cheese salad any of these can be as tasty and nourishing as any cooked lunch.

I believe you can’t beat Homemade Bread, it’s not difficult to make and you can’t really go wrong, you can make it the traditional way which kids love flour everywhere and getting your hands dirty, or you can opt for a Bread Maker which is just as good and no mess..

Either way you know what you are putting into the bread and feeding your kids.

You may find that when you are planning out the lunch box menu for the week that your child may become more adventurous and may even ask for a Salad.

Lets Make Some Healthy Kids Recipes

Tuna Pasta Salad Small shell of bow tie pasta works best, you may decide to change the ingredients to your own childs tastes.

Couscous Salad Couscous does not need cooking like pasta you just add a little boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes.

Even as my kids get older they still love following the easy to cook recipes they used to cook when they were smaller.

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