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Healthy Kids Meals is all parents want for their children and naturally want them to be fit and healthy,and cooking Healthy kids Meals for your children is essential.

Over the past 20 to 30 Years, freshly prepared, home cooking has gradually been replaced by commercial, ready-made alternatives. So much so that many children today are eating a diet that consists almost entirely of foods that have been prepared outside the home, from breakfast cereals, snacks to evening meals.

There is no denying that feeding our children this way is convenient, the fact of the matter is the companies producing these products are out to make healthy profits Not Healthy Children.And all we want to do as Parents is cook Healthy Food for Kids

Most of these ready-made foods are made from poor quality ingredients, are low in nutrients, high in saturated fats, salt and sugar, bulked out with cheap fillers, colored, full of preservatives and flavored to mask the poor taste.

A survey was done on over 400 “child Friendly” foods and evidence was found that they contained on average 5 to 16 additives, some of which are known to cause Temper Tantrums, Lack of Concentration, Excessive Fidgeting, Interrupting, Hyperactivity and some children were found to be unable to sleep and also bed wetting in young children.

In the last 10 Years childhood obesity has increased by 300%. There are more and more cases of children with Cancer year on year, Heart Disease is our biggest killer and type 2 Diabetes a disease traditionally only associated with adults is now appearing in children as young as 12 years old. A large contributing factor to this has been a poor diet.

The most effective way of reducing any of these diseases in your child is to prepare more food at home, not only will this improve your childs diet, it may also improve their mood.

I know as a busy working mother myself how easy it can be to buy ready made meals and sauces and how you can feel that you don’t have the time to cook. And I know your going to say that it is more expensive to buy all the fresh ingredients to make healthy home cooked meals.It isn’t really and what would you pay to have a healthy child.

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