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Kids Recipe Book

“Creating a Recipe Book Together”

Creating your own Kids Recipe Book can be lots of fun for you and your kids, it can take time and a little patience to do but will be very rewarding.

Your child will learn how to cook so many different things by having his/her own Kids Recipe Book, and they’ll be able to add as many different recipes as they can find, through Magazines, websites and cookbooks and of course recipes handed down through the Family.

Once you have found recipes that your child would like to cook you can either, let them copy it out onto paper or notecards, or type it up on the Computer to print out adding images if you wish.

Over time your child will have created with you a Recipe book that they will be proud of and may even pass down to their own children.

A great way to get you kids using their Recipe Book is to allow them to cook once a week, agree on a day that they can try out new recipes for their book or one of their Favourites that’s in the book already.

Below I have put together some Recipes to get you started, I have split them up into different categories, for you to print out and use.

Breakfast Ideas

Homemade Cereal Bars
Pink Porridge
Get Up and Go Smoothie

Lunch Ideas

Ham Omelette
Couscous Salad
Simple Leek and Potato Soup
Tuna Pasta Salad

Dinner Ideas

Turkey Burgers
Shepherds Pie
Sausage Carbonara
Lemony Fish Fingers

Desserts and Puddings

American Style Pancakes
Orange Shortbread
Rainbow Fairy Cakes

Your ideas for Creating a Kids Recipe Book
Do you have any ideas you’d like to share on creating a Kids Recipe Book.

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