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Blueberry Meringue Crumble

Serves 3-4

150g  Blueberries (Plus Extra For decorating)
1 Tbsp Icing (Confectioners) Sugar
1 Cup of Vanilla Iced Yoghurt
200ml Whole Milk
2 Tbsp Lime Juice
75g Meringues (lightly crushed)

  1. Put the Blueberries and sugar into a food processor/ blender with 4 Tbsp of water and blend until smooth.

  2. Transfer the puree to a small bowl and rinse out the blender / food processor to get rid of any remaining juice.

  3. Put the iced yoghurt, milk, lime juice in the blender and process until thoroughly combined. (Milkshake)

  4. Add half of the crushed meringues and process again until smooth.

  5. Carefully pour alternate layers of the milkshake, and the blueberry puree, crushed  meringues until the glass is full.

  6. Finish with a few chunky pieces of meringue and drizzle any remaining blueberry puree and decorate with a few extra blueberries.

  7. Serve straight away.

Variation:- You could use ice cream instead of the yogurt, this will make the milkshake a little thicker but is as just as nice.

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